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Rome" technology Pressurepop Tech Basalt V of 2011/2012

Pressurepop Tech Basalt V

Extending outward from rider foot to the edges at the contact points, this pattern increases both longitudinal response and energy release from edge to edge. The V Concept: The V pattern is used to take rider energy straight to the contact points on the edges. Since it extends outwards, it adds torsional pop and takes power to the edge, while increasing longitudinal (ollie/nollie) pop. As a result, it is perfect complement to the inherent looseness of rocker boards—it gives their fun, happy vibe a little extra snap and liveliness. Pressurepop Technology: The other advanced way that we add model-specific POP to the boards in our collection. The high-end boards feature ultra-light, ultra-poppy Kevlar while the mid-priced boards feature responsive, cco-fricndly basalt fibers. Both store rider energy via platforms under the bindings and channel it into the nose and tail. A secondary benefit of PressurePop is that the area under the bindings is designed like our Impact Plates to increase strength.