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3rd Annual Addictive Collection Continues to Break Rules. The concept of the Addictive Collection rises from discontent with conformity and uniformity. According to Addictive Collection artist and Rome Art Director Michael Paddock, "Rules are made to be broken." After all, this idea is one of the things that has made a snowboarder a snowboarder since the early 80s. Whether poaching a closed trail to get some fresh tracks, riding a street rail at 2 am, or ollieing a slow sign at an uptight mountain, sometimes it just feels good to break the rules a little. "Rules are made to be broken" says artist Paddock. The Addictive Collection is part of this tradition—the only rule is that there are no rules. Most of the time, the designers at Rome work within the feedback of everyday riders, team riders, shop buyers and the loud-mouth Rome sales reps. The designers need to answer to the riders. With the Addictive Collection, Rome lets the designers briefly break free from these forces that push and pull them constantly. The Addictive Collection allows the artists in the SDS to explore the creative space between their ears and let loose their interpretation of what a board should look like. No master, no rules. Creative expression the way it was meant to be. The 2012 Addictive Collection consists of three Agent Rockers: 153, 155 and 157. With the same tech package of QuickRip, HotRod and MtnPop Rocker camber as the inline Agent Rocker, these boards are reported to destroy the entire mountain, from park to peak. Artwork collaborations by Michael Paddock, Shawn Dumont and Kyle Norris show three different takes on artistic license. You think you know the Agent after all these years? These three disrupt expectations. 153 Rocker by Kyle Norris. 155 Rocker by Mike Paddock. 157 Rocker by Shawn Dumont & Kyle Norris.