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Rome" technology Pressurepop Tech Basalt Reverse-V of 2011/2012

Pressurepop Tech Basalt Reverse-V

Extending inward towards the centerline from rider foot to the middle of the board at the contact points, this pattern increases ollie and nollie height, without altering the low-torque freestyle flex. The Reverse-V Concept: The Reverse-V pattern is used to take rider energy straight to the centerline or the board where you load up an ollie, without increasing torsional stiffness. As a result, it is the perfect for Stay Positive boards where we want higher ollies and nollies. but we don't want to make them more torque-y. Pressurepop Technology: The other advanced way that we add model-specific POP to the boards in our collection. The high-end boards feature ultra-light, ultra-poppy Kevlar while the mid-priced boards feature responsive, cco-fricndly basalt fibers. Both store rider energy via platforms under the bindings and channel it into the nose and tail. A secondary benefit of PressurePop is that the area under the bindings is designed like our Impact Plates to increase strength.