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Good news, everyone!

 @ 2010-10-29

Hey friends,

Our observations showed that our unique super-cool feature-rich advanced snowboard search is not used by the majority of our visitors. Looks like what people realy need is an easy-to-use step-by-step snowboard finder and a simple directory to browse through the brands and decks. So we decided to change priorities and now as you can see the catalog takes the top space on the front page. The simple board finder is soon to come.

We've also improved our integration with the snowboard stores, so now you will see better structured lists of offers on our pages. We've got more shops to connect so more options for you. European visitors will soon be able to see and use links to

Another good news is that 5 new 2010/2011 snowboard collecions are ready to be added to our database which will make it 23 new collections altogether.

We're stoked to see more snowboarders using our catalog and that means that we've made life easier for more people (at least when it comes to choosing one snowboard from thousands market offers). Let us know what you think about our catalog and what you're missing here, use the feedback form or the blue "Leave feedback" widget in the right.

Finding a snowboard has never been easier: introducing SnowDB 2.0

 @ 2010-09-04
Introducing SnowDB 2.0: Search through ALL major snowboard brands
by virtually ANY parameter

We're proud to open to the public a completely renovated version of our snowboard search engine, SnowDB 2.0, and that's why here's this traditional web2.0 shiny logo with that shiny green star!

With almost a year of research (sic!) and development, and the two-year experience and user feedback that we gained from running the first version, the all-new SnowDB 2.0 features the most wanted things that you (and we ourselves) asked for.

Gosh, a year of cold polar nights in Finland, hi-altitude fresh air mornings in Himalayas, mind-wrecking days in Moscow full with forest fires' smoke, hot humid afternoons in Indonesia with weird animal noises coming from the jungle – all spent smoking bamboo behind the damn computer!

The new cool features in brief:

  • Technologies included! All the features used by the manufacturer are here with illustrations and descriptions.
  • A new user-friendly search form. It is present on every page so you can modify your search in just two clicks.
  • All snowboard properties, like bend, convex, or base material are now searchable (before it was only numeric parameters). If you know exactly what you want your snowboard to be, SnowDB will let you find it.
  • Search results are now a grid of pictures that make it easy to see what your search request returned.
  • New convenient navigation through the search results on both the results pages and snowboard details page.
  • Possibility to search with English measurement system (along with metric).

So what is that SnowDB's got to help you get through the marketing clutter and find the only snowboard that suits you best?

Getting ready for the season 2010/2011

 @ 2010-06-08

Hey everyone! Summer time doesn't mean things stop at SnowDB. Currently we're working on analyzing and adding to our database info from over 30 new collections from major brands. Expect good things by the time leaves are turning yellow, hopefully early this year.

Combined with the new features of the next version (that we announced previously), SnowDB is gonna become the ultimate find-compare-choose-and-find-in-store tool for every snowboarder out there looking for a new snowboard. And we're really stoked about this.

New 2009/2010 collections: Whitegold, Weekend

 @ 2010-06-03

New brands in our database:

New 2009/2010 collections: GNU, Nidecker

 @ 2010-06-02

New 2009/2010 collections: Never Summer, Unity

 @ 2010-06-01

Wider choice of stores

 @ 2010-05-31

Hey everyone,

We've connected more web shops to our service and now on SnowDB you've got broader choice when it comes to buying a board. In your search results, look for an "Offers" line right under "Sizes", and on the board's page you just won't miss it.

There are really good deals now when it's summer.

New 2009/2010 collections: Roxy, Atom

 @ 2010-05-31

New 2009/2010 collections: Venture, Dinosaurs Will Die

 @ 2010-05-29

New brands in our database:

New 2009/2010 collections: 5150, Atomic

 @ 2010-05-26