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Unity Ultra Light Series 2008/2009 snowboard

Gender/Age: MensPurpose: FreerideShape: Directional

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Snowboard Unity Ultra Light Series 2008/2009 snowboard


waist: 243 mm


waist: 245 mm


waist: 250 mm


waist: 261 mm


waist: 263 mm
Manufacturer's description

Manufacturer's description

The Ultra Light Series is a brand new line for 08-09. Vectran®/Carbon Fiber material makes the boards incredibly llight weight and responsive. These boards are the most high-performance boards we have ever made. Effortless carves and the ability to pop ollies off everything make them a blast to ride. Vectran® is a new type of composite material that has super high damping qualities and is pound for pound five times stronger than steel. We are using a full-length wood core in the ULS boards. The wood core combined with the Vectran®/Carbon material makes these boards one pound lighter than our regular boards.

Measurements and parameters

Measurements and parameters

Size, cm 155 159 164 160W 165W
Length, mm 1550 1590 1640 1600 1650
Effective edge, mm 1189 1231 1265 1231 1265
Waist width, mm 243 245 250 261 263
Sidecut radius, mm 7530 7810 8030 7810 8030
Stance width, mm 457 495 495 495 495
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