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Roxy" technology Magnetraction (MTX) of 2011/2012

Magnetraction (MTX)

The 'Traction' In Banana Traction. Get a grip with the edge hold and control that you deserve. MAGNETRACTION works like a bread knife, cutting more efficiently than a straight edge because of the serration. Apply this idea to the snow. The wavy MAGNETRACTION edges enable the board to grip and hold better in all conditions. Get next level confidence and agility on ice and hard pack, as well as any situation where you need to be able to trust your edges-cat tracks, traverses, superpipe walls, kicker runways, and early morning crust. For those who can't get enough of the park, Magne-Traction has a freestyle advantage-you can de-tune your edges for jibbing or rails and still have superior edge hold all over the mountain.