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Lobster" technology Jib TBT of 2011/2012
Lobster" technology Jib TBT of 2011/2012


Widest Center Flat Base. Shorter middle flat more TBT under feet. Symmetrical nose and tail TBT. JIB TBT is great for jibbing and urban riding. The TBT uplift starts under your feet for a super loose effect while the extra wide center base stabilizes your slides and presses. TBT comes in different flavors just like snowboarding. To find the best board you have ever ridden, match a TBT flavor to your riding style. Whether your favorite thing is a front board or a frontside turn we have got a TBT shape to match it. If you are more into park, jumps and rails you should look into our JIB and TWIN TBT shapes. If you want an allround freestyle board check out FREESTYLE TBT. If you want something slightly more directional you should look to ALLMOUNTAIN TBT or take it all the way to FREERIDE TBT to get maximum powder and carving benefits. Even though these flavors are fine tuned to specific riding categories you should keep in mind that TBT makes every board more versatile. You will find that our ALLMOUNTAIN TBT still has plenty of freestyle DNA and our TWIN TBT boards can still kill it on edge and float pow like no traditional flat twin shape out there.

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