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DC" technology Ply of 2011/2012


We started brainstorming with our team of DC athletes on new ways to approach board design. Aaron Biittner and Torstein Horgmo wanted a board that was more suited to their style of riding. After countless prototypes, and hours of testing the "new" approach we were looking for has been here all along... the skateboard. We took inspiration from the unique nose/tail shapes, the twin center of the board, and observed how a skateboard ollies and locks onto rails. This led us to create an entire new snowboard shape and feeling. New skate twin shape true to the geometry of a skateboard, the new shape of the Ply is very unique. Every curve was carefully thought out to create a shape that is designed to ride like a skateboard on the snow. The Ply has a centered stance and sidecut that allow the board to ride like a true twin. The nose is slightly longer and more pulled in for a streamline shape that initiates turns smoothly and keeps you floating in the powder, while the tail is more blunted and for quick turns and powerful ollies. The result is a fun balance of playful power that allows our riders to roll up to any spot and throw down enough tricks to secure an ending part in any film.