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Stepchild Puke Kids 2010/2011 snowboard

Gender/Age: TeenagersPurpose: All mountainShape: Twin-tipBend: CamberBase material: ExtrudedConvex: NoFlex in collection: soft ○○○○ stiff Original flex index: 5

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Snowboard Stepchild Puke Kids 2010/2011 snowboard


waist: 219 mm


waist: 224 mm


waist: 226 mm
Features and technologies

Features and technologies

Base Pre Waxed, Screened
Core Armorcore
Reinforcement Biax
Top sheet Smooth "Soft Belt Base" finish
Manufacturer's description

Manufacturer's description

This is a basic children's board for the little guys. Because stepchild is owned by a couple of old washed up snowboarders we needed to put something in the line for our kids and kids puke! The Puke Kids board is a poplar wood/abs injected core with 16 inserts and a belt grind finish on the base. This board will beat any sports store specials and if your kid is special then he should be riding a stepchild board.

Measurements and parameters

Measurements and parameters

Size, cm 121 129 132
Length, mm 1210 1290 1320
Running length, mm 870 930 940
Effective edge, mm 910 980 1000
Nose width, mm 255 263 265
Waist width, mm 219 224 226
Tail width, mm 255 263 265
Sidecut radius, mm 5500 5900 6100
Stance width, mm 380 400 420
Setback, mm 0 0 0
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