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Stepchild Joe Sexton Pro 2010/2011 snowboard

Gender/Age: MensPurpose: FreestyleShape: Twin-tipBend: RockerBase material: ExtrudedConvex: NoFlex in collection: soft ○○○○ stiff Original flex index: 3

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Snowboard Stepchild Joe Sexton Pro 2010/2011 snowboard


waist: 248 mm


waist: 246 mm


waist: 247 mm
Manufacturer's description

Manufacturer's description

Joe Sexton is finally going pro and what better way to do it than to give him his own pro model. The shape and flex is designed and tested by Joe Dirt himself. The board is a twin shape with a 4mm reverse camber. The Joe Sexton pro model has a tip to tail poplar wood core with 24 stance inserts. If your looking for an affordable pro model that is endorsed and designed by a fresh new dirty pro then the Joe Sexton pro model is worth picking up. The board also has a smooth belt base finish and does not include zits, a stinky ass or any candy. "I'm just happy to finally get a pro model, now I can sit back, get fat and eat as much candy as I want!" – Joe

Measurements and parameters

Measurements and parameters

Size, cm 143 147 150
Length, mm 1430 1470 1500
Running length, mm 1110 1156 1170
Effective edge, mm 1140 1186 1200
Nose width, mm 286 292 293
Waist width, mm 248 246 247
Tail width, mm 286 292 293
Sidecut radius, mm 8000 7200 7400
Stance width, mm 559 559 559
Setback, mm 0 0 0
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