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Bataleon Distortia 2011/2012 snowboard

Gender/Age: WomensPurpose: FreestyleShape: Twin-tipBend: CamberBase material: ExtrudedFlex distribution: TwinConvex: YesFlex in collection: soft ○○○○ stiff Original flex index: 3

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Bataleon Distortia 2011/2012 143.0 snowboard Bataleon Distortia 2011/2012 146.0 snowboard Bataleon Distortia 2011/2012 149.0 snowboard Bataleon Distortia 2011/2012 152.0 snowboard


waist: 236 mm


waist: 239 mm


waist: 242 mm


waist: 245 mm
Features and technologies

Features and technologies

Base Extruded Base
Construction Bataleon Production
Convex Triple Base Tech (TBT), Twin TBT
Core Core Core
Edges Edge Bevel, Lightning Edge
Mounting 4x2/20
Reinforcement Bi-Ax Laminate
Manufacturer's description

Manufacturer's description

You know what they say about girls: They don't ride like the boys and with the Distortia, ifs time to be proud of that! Take those booty drops from the clubs to the boxes with a narrower and softer board. This board feels right at home in the park. The specially adjusted narrow version of TWIN TBT with the wider center base offers extra stability for hitting jumps and boxes; while still keeping it super forgiving and loose. Wide stances are not a problem. Very forgiving and just FUN.

Measurements and parameters

Measurements and parameters

Size, cm 143 146 149 152
Length, mm 1430 1460 1490 1520
Running length, mm 1070 1100 1120 1140
Nose width, mm 273 276 280 284
Waist width, mm 236 239 242 245
Tail width, mm 273 276 280 284
Sidecut radius, mm 7350 7500 7650 7800
Stance width, mm 540 550 560 570
Setback, mm 0 0 0 0
This snowboard model in other seasons collections

This snowboard model in other seasons collections

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