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A freestyle board with a freeride heart.

Apo TC W-Rocker 2011/2012 snowboard

Gender/Age: MensPurpose: All mountainShape: Twin-tipBend: CamberBase material: SinteredConvex: NoPrice in collection: $$$+Flex in collection: soft ○○○○ stiff Original flex index: 8

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Snowboard Apo TC W-Rocker 2011/2012 snowboard


waist: 259 mm

Manufacturer's description

Manufacturer's description

When we set out to design a board for a snowboarder who spends his time riding Alaskan summits as well as shredding the Val d'Isère park, we had to do better than just a regular all mountain board. With the TC, you will be able to make the most of everything the mountain has to offer. Best suited to riders whose boot size is between 43 & 45 (8.5-11 UK, 9-11.5 US). "I'm just so stoked to ride a board that is perfectly tailored to my shredstyle! This is my weapon." Tyler Chorlton

Measurements and parameters

Measurements and parameters

Size, cm 159
Length, mm 1590
Running length, mm 1018
Nose width, mm 302
Waist width, mm 259
Tail width, mm 302
Sidecut radius, mm 8400
Stance width, mm 570
Setback, mm 0
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