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Rome Headline 154.0 2011/2012

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General model parameters

Shape Twin-directional
Purpose All mountain
Gender/Age Mens
Construction Sandwich
Flex distribution
Bend Camber
Convex No
Base material Sintered
Baseline All-terranean shredstick clues in a new generation
Flex in collection soft ○○○○ stiff
Price in collection $$$
Original flex index 5


Bend Hybrid Ripit Camber
Core Impact Core Matrix
Reinforcement Glass Impact Plates, Basalt Torque Stringer Technology, StraightTriax 45 Laminate
Base Sintertrue Base
Edges Quickrip Sidecut Technology


Size, cm 154.0
Length, mm 1540
Running length, mm
Effective edge, mm 1205
Nose width, mm 294
Waist width, mm 249
Tail width, mm 294
Sidecut radius, mm 7360
Stance width, mm 467-587
Setback, mm 20
Rider's weight, kg 54-77
Binding sizes