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Flow Myriad 2011/2012 snowboard

Gender/Age: WomensPurpose: FreestyleShape: Twin-tipBend: CamberBase material: SinteredConvex: NoFlex in collection: soft ○○○○ stiff Original flex index: 6

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Snowboard Flow Myriad 2011/2012 snowboard


waist: 238 mm


waist: 239 mm


waist: 241 mm
Features and technologies

Features and technologies

Base Sintered 4000
Bend Pop Cam
Core Reflex
Reinforcement Quadrax, Whiskey Rocks, Whiskey Shooter
Sidecut Dual Transitional
Manufacturer's description

Manufacturer's description

The Myriad will take you all over the mountain with the greatest of ease while providing the style and technology that pours from this first-class female board. This year's Myriad comes equipped with the all new Whiskey Rocks construction that uses Four Basalt plates combined with rubber beneath the heel and toe to direct the rider's energy to the board's key control areas, eliminating chatter and making for a more mellow ride. A TruTwin shape for equal control in any direction. Pop-Cam is a 3 phase camber technology that gives the board a traditional camber feel underfoot with flat tips and flat between the feet for gripping ice, floating in pow, and a smooth transitioned softer tip and tail for a more women's-specific feel. Sintered 4000 base for extra speed. All New Whiskey Shooter uses 4 precured carbon plates with a unique shape that tapers into the tips for the most pop while freeing up the nose and tail for any transition, rough terrain, and heavy pressing. Flow's signature Dual Transitional sidecut assists in easy turning at higher speeds in the park and the pipe.

Measurements and parameters

Measurements and parameters

Size, cm 144 148 152
Length, mm 1440 1480 1520
Running length, mm 1070 1100 1120
Effective edge, mm 1100 1130 1160
Nose width, mm 277 278 283
Waist width, mm 238 239 241
Tail width, mm 277 278 283
Sidecut radius, mm 8400, 7500 8500, 7600 8600, 7700
Stance width, mm 563-403 588-428 613-453
Setback, mm 0 0 0
Rider's weight, kg 41-63 41-63 48-68
This snowboard model in other seasons collections

This snowboard model in other seasons collections

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